Richard Wilson is a visual artist who uses reality and creativity to produce images that reflect the beauty in the world around him.

Like most gifted adult artists. Richard’s talent developed at an early age. His unique abilities were first recognized by family, friends, and classmates. By age 8, Wilson was skillfully crafting images of trucks, action figures and cartoon characters for his classmates in his hometown of Robersonville, NC. Under the mentorship and influence of his father, he continued to develop his artistic skills.

After graduating from South West Edgecombe High School in Pinetops NC, he attended Barton College to pursue his dream. There he studied Communications Art and began investing in his future as an artist. He later received a degree in Advertising & Graphic Design from Pitt Community College, and after graduating he served as an instructor in the same art department in which his own dream was cultivated.

Richard Wilson’s resume resembles that of an older accomplished artist. Given his masterful execution and the universality of his subject matter, Richard’s work is both acclaimed by professional artists and has strong popular appeal. His narrative paintings frequently feature his own family and in particular his children in those special moments that only children have while growing up.

Wilson’s artistic strength is his capacity to select those moments that transcend the personal and can reach a broader audience. Some paintings are nostalgic, some express those human connections that are only found within the family, and some express the challenge; in all his paintings there is warmth and discretion. The artist does many commission portraits as well, and has that uncanny capacity to extract personality and depth from his subjects faithfully represented in his realistic style.

Wilson has produced an impressive twenty year career as a productive professional artist, freelance and corporate graphic designer, and teacher at Pitt Community College. He has artworks in numerous collections, public and private, but is most proud of his official portrait of George Henry White, the last former slave to serve in Congress, and the fact that Wilson is the first African American artist to have a portrait publicly displayed in a North Carolina courthouse.

Just recently Wilson was selected by Blue Moon Brewing Company as one the 20 Up and Coming Artist in the United States to design a limited edition label for their 20th Anniversary Blue Moon Artist Series bottles. Wilson‘s paintings will be featured on the big screen in the fall of 2016. Five of his works were purchased for the upcoming movie Barbershop 3, featuring actors, Ice Cube, Cedric the Entertainer, Common & rapper Nicki Minaj. He was featured on the cover of Sunshine Artist magazine in March of 2013 which is a popular national art magazine that highlights the top art events in the country. In November of 2013, Art Collectors Magazine highlighted Wilson’ s studio and work as a destination to see in the Carolinas and in December of 2013 his figurative work was highlighted in Art Collectors magazine.

During his career Wilson has received numerous local, national and international awards; in 2002 he received the prestigious National Arts Club Award. Amongst his many shows, competitions and accolades, in 2005 he also won First Place in “The Best of North Carolina” Juried Publication and in 2006 Pastel Society of New Mexico Award at the Pastel Society of America 34th Annual Art Exhibit, National Arts Club, NYC. In 2011, the International Tennis Hall of Fame acquired one of Wilson’s “Shadow Series” painting, titled “In His Shadow” depicting a young boy inspired by Arthur Ashe, for their permanent collection. Wilson’s work is being collected by collectors all over the world. Some of his notable collectors are Tina Knowles – Designer & mother of singer Beyonce Knowles, Gladys Knight , Tom Joyner, Ed Gordon, Victoria Rowell, Bev Smith, Anne & Clifton Davis, Wendy Raquel Robinson, Judge James Wynn and many more. His work can be viewed in books, museums, as well as private and public collections.

Let yourself be drawn into the paintings of Richard Wilson and find comfort in the familiarity of the images. You will find that his work journeys deep into the souls of his subjects.

For information on commissions, show bookings, speaking engagements, workshops, and upcoming events contact Richard Wilson directly.